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About Mens B3 Black And White Bomber Jacket
Is B3 Black And White Bomber Jacket for Mens in your closet? If no, then you better have it now. This jacket sports simple looks in black and white color, yet has a charming effect. Its outer material is made from 100% pure sheep skin leather, and inner material is made from soft faux fur. Sheep skin leather is strong enough to protect from winter, cold winds, and scratches. Fur lining traps the heat inside and keeps your body warm. It will provide you a soft feel as well, compared to viscose lining. In B3 RAF category, this jacket is the ultimate black bomber jacket with white fur.

This jacket has 4 thin belts to ensure cold winds don\’t enter your body from any opening. Two belts are on cuffs, and two on collar. The design on this jacket\’s body is created by ensuring symmetry in stitching. Aside from 4 usual pockets, 2 inside and 2 outside, an extra small pocket is available on left arm. Jacket borders are also covered in fur to give and perfect black and white blend.

The jacket is available in all sizes, ranging from 3XS to 3XL.

If you are looking same design in black color,

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