How to dress in winter for riding a motorcycle?

How to dress in winter for riding a motorcycle

Winter is gradually settling in and some bikers are putting the bike away in the garage.

But if you’re reading this article, it’s a safe bet that you want to hit the road despite the cold, wind, and humidity!

For us, it is also a big YES! But on one condition: dress properly to hit the road.

Getting sick, not being able to touch, or even the onset of arthritis … these are all symptoms that occur in winter that indicate that your clothes are not warm enough.

To remedy this, we are going to see how you can dress in the winter to take the motorcycle.

The best motorcycle equipment innovations for riding in winter

If heated biker jacket is not your thing, but you still want to be warm, there are plenty of jackets and underwear that can keep your body at the right temperature.

  • Heated socks

It is often said that the extremities are the most important to warm up.

And for good reason: fingers and toes are often the first parts of the body to become frozen. Moreover, it is often these parts that we no longer feel first.

For bikers who like to be warm, heated socks offer full control over the intensity of the heat. You can see the battery life level through the connected app on your smartphone.

  • The heated neck warmer

With the (icy) wind and humidity of winter, you can quickly get sick. All it takes is a few accelerations and a too-light hold, especially in the neck area.

Indeed, your throat is undoubtedly the part of the body the most sensitive and helpless in the face of extreme cold.

To put an end to the sore throat after riding for good, you can wear this Hot Collar heated neck warmer made by Eaglonsports.

Your driving comfort is greatly improved: you have the impression of immersing your neck in a cocoon of heat. It is as if you were in your warm bed on a snowy winter evening.

With an autonomy of 3 hours, the heated neck strap finally ensures you a real warmth.

  • Heated gloves

As for the hands, the Macna brand has everything planned. Now you can ride with all the comfort and luxury of warm hands.

These gloves are CE / EP I level 1 approved and have several protections:

  • Protective shell on the back of the hand
  • Reinforcement at the edge of the hand
  • Palm slider
  • Silicone reinforcement on the finger

With its long cuffs, this pair of gloves retains heat very well and can be worn perfectly.

Best of all: the index finger is compatible with touch screens, so you can use your Smartphone without removing the gloves!

Always be careful on a motorcycle during the winter

Although you must be careful all year round, we particularly draw your attention to the risks associated with ice storms.

A skid can happen very quickly. Your gaze must therefore focus far enough on the road to anticipate a slippery surface.

Moreover, make sure to warm up your tires when starting your motorcycle, taking care not to go on the hats from the start.

And you, what are your favorite techniques to protect yourself from the cold during the winter ?

Share them with us in the comments

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