Motorcycle Riding: Our Tips for Safe Driving with Motogp Jacket

Motorcycle Riding: Our Tips for Safe Driving with Motogp Jacket

Motorcycle riding has many advantages, but it also comes with risks. On the road, motorcycle and scooter users are much more vulnerable. Riding a suitable motorcycle is recommended, but a few checks are in order to ensure your safety on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Riding and Safety Tips

Let’s get out of the clinch: Motorcycle and two-wheeler drivers aren’t crazy about steering wheels. Unfortunately, the problem has more to do with poor performance (by other users) and lack of physical work on the vehicle.

Thus, in 2021, there were about 627 deaths from motorcycles on the roads of USA and that the chances of being killed in a motorcycle accident are 22 times higher than in a car accident.

For bikers, road and traffic hazards are definitely not the same as cars. In fact, weather conditions and areas can have a profound effect on motorcycling and safety.

Analyze the road on a motorcycle

The two-wheeler is a powerful vehicle and also very maneuverable which circulates both summer and winter. Be careful, however, to remain vigilant with the weather and on the roads. Rain, snow, ice or even leaves in autumn are responsible for many slips which often end in bodily accidents.

Chippings, white stripes or even potholes are also elements on the road that can quickly lead to loss of vehicle control or grip.

When riding a motorcycle, you owe it to yourself to be twice as vigilant as in a car. Always observe the landscape, the road and other users without letting yourself be distracted. The key word remains to anticipate.

Respect the rules of the road

Speed, blood alcohol level, and signage: the Highway Code is the same for all drivers. The respect is important for everyone’s safety. Drivers of motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles must therefore comply. There is, however, some specificity.

Inter-queue traffic: the rule

On a motorbike, users take advantage of the small size of the vehicle to slip into the car queues or hitch up traffic jams. Be aware that if this conduct is in no way reprehensible with regard to the highway code, it is not allowed to do so. Some departments (Gironde, Rhône, Bouches-du-Rhône and the 8 departments of Île de France) have decided to tolerate it under certain conditions:

  • possible only on motorways and roads with a speed greater than or equal to 70 km / h with central reservation and at least 2 lanes on each side;
  • only if the traffic is sufficiently congested (speed less than 50 km / h);
  • between the two traffic lanes furthest to the left

Equip and equip your two-wheeled vehicle

The body of a car is nothing like that of a motorcycle. Two-wheelers can, in some cases, have protective elements for the rider, but this is still a little protection. Thus, to guarantee your safety on a motorcycle, it is always necessary to maintain your vehicle, to equip it and to equip yourself as it should be.

Biker equipment

Today, part of a motorcyclist’s equipment must be approved (helmet and gloves). You must then think about your safety above all and take the equipment adapted to your driving.

The dorsal and motorcycle airbags finding success the last two years, they protect the rider slips and therefore burns. The airbag will also have the advantage of protecting against shocks, in particular whiplash.

Even if you make short trips in the middle of summer, never neglect wearing your equipment. A jacket and pants, in leather or reinforced with Kevlar, are essential in the event of a fall. Today there are some very comfortable to wear.

Motorcycle Clothing

Find the best motogp leather jacket for safe riding.

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