Look Stylish Even with Motorcycle Accessories with Eaglon Sports

Look Stylish Even with Motorcycle Accessories with Eaglon Sports

The biker style is one of the essentials of the masculine style. So much so that his pieces are classified as timeless and adapt to any season. It is possible to be inspired by it for all styles, whether for a classic look or an outfit at the forefront of the latest trends.

If protection is fundamental and motorcycle accessories play a big role in it, being sheltered does not mean having to cut corners on your style.

Here are three essential accessories that will ensure your style, comfort, and safety.


The origins of denim go back to the 1870s, their sturdiness and resistance making them the preferred garment of miners. They then quickly reached all the wardrobes of workwear enthusiasts. They achieved their iconic rank 80 years later, thanks to icons like James Dean.

Today, jeans are the most worn pants in the world, they have naturally joined the biker wardrobe thanks to their protective properties.


Basketball originally came from the sports world. In the 1870s, the first models were designed using a rubber sole and a fabric upper.

The development of rubber working techniques resulted in new soles, more discreet and making no noise, so it allowed walking discreetly ( to sneak, in English). The sneakers were born.

Today, sneakers are thanks to their comfort the most worn shoe in the world. So much so that she joined the catwalks with designers like Raf Simons, Margiela, Balenciaga, or Rick Owens. It has thus been able to reinvent itself over the generations.

The leather jacket

As with jeans, leather is one of the strongest materials in clothing. Enough to protect a biker in a fall. It also provides good heat retention, which is not to be overlooked when traveling through snowy landscapes on your bike.

These days, the biker jacket is everywhere. Initially reserved for the style of bad boys, they democratized to colonize all-male wardrobes.

A flagship piece of the men’s wardrobe, the leather jacket deserves more development.

People have worn hides since time immemorial when they learned to master the tools to tan hides. But the leather jacket as we know it has really taken its shape since the early 1900s.

The brown Honda Repsol Leather Jacket first appeared among the ranks of aviators, precisely for its thermal qualities; at an altitude of 2,000 meters, it is preferable not to freeze in your cockpit. Quickly adopted in the army, this garment was notably worn a lot by German pilots during the First World War.

The turning point that made the jacket take on its biker style came in 1928. Manhattan garment tailor Irvin Schott designed and designed a biker jacket for the famous Harley Davidson house. Called a “perfecto” echoing the designer’s favorite cigar, this leather jacket was designed to protect its owner from the elements and accidents.

Then during the Second World War, the jacket resumed service among pilots to become the bomber.

Today, this piece is one of the most expensive pieces in the men’s wardrobe. It is also one of the clothes that will accompany you the longest through time, precisely thanks to its resistance and its timeless style. It will age with you and take the marks of the years at the same time as you take wrinkles, it will therefore be THE traveling companion that will follow you all your speed – whether on the handlebars of your machine or in public transport.

In short, very practical for motorcycle clothing for a man biker style.

The biker jacket

Also called Perfecto, it is a short-cut jacket, which is mainly found in black. Marked by several zips and asymmetrical closures, its cut allows bikers to easily recline on their machine without discomfort.

Her youthful and rebellious style should be tempered – for a modern look – with jeans that are relatively close to the body. Don’t forget to wear light clothing underneath, to ensure that this perfecto keeps its lines close to the body.

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