What are the characteristics of a quality Motogp Jacket

What are the characteristics of a quality Motogp Jacket?

A jacket exists for all budgets, but are they all created equal?

The price does not necessarily define the quality of the product (to your surprise!). So we thought that an article on the subject, in this period of sales, is time to know the characteristics of a quality motorcycle jacket.

A jacket for every season

At Eaglon Sports, we like to go out in style and assert our look on the bike. But above all, we like to be warm despite the wind, to be dry when it rains, and to be cool when the sun is beating down.

To adapt to the temperature, brands and manufacturers must choose a material that meets many criteria:

  1. Protects in the event of a fall, impact, etc.
  2. Adapts to weather and inclement weather
  3. Which is pretty to wear
  4. Be comfortable to use

All these requirements reduce the possibilities, and yet brands like Eaglon Sports, Mr-Styles know very well how to produce high-quality motogp jackets.

So what are their secrets? That’s good because we are revealing them all to you now!

The ideal characteristics of the perfect jacket

Water tightness VS impermeability

For a motorbike jacket, waterproofing is the first criterion that determines its quality. Concretely, this means that water cannot pass through the material and cannot be found inside the jacket. Simple would you tell me! So what is the difference with waterproofing?

Precisely, a waterproof jacket is not necessarily waterproof … Waterproofing protects the material from coming into contact with water. If you want, it’s like adding a wall of defense between matter and water. If the rampart falls, water will infiltrate.

Remember: prefer a waterproof jacket rather than waterproof one. Even if the ideal remains to waterproof your waterproof jacket.

You’re ready to face the rain, but are you ready to beat the blazing heat of a scorching summer? Let’s see that right away!

Ventilation and breathability

Nothing is worse than suffocating inside the jacket and accumulating perspiration, which ends up permeating our clothes. Put it like that, it’s really not sexy.

To overcome this problem, the brands have decided to integrate “mesh” type materials into the jackets. This process allows the jacket to be ventilated in an optimized way. The idea is not to catch a cold but to get the hot air out and replace it with fresh. Ideal for spring or summer when the temperature rises.

As for breathability, it wicks away perspiration thanks to new manufacturing techniques. Sportswear textiles have already opted for breathable materials. The world of motorcycles did not wait long to adopt this technology.

For your motorcycle trips, here is the perfect example of the quality and breathable jacket available at Eaglon Sports and Mr-Styles .

Keeping warm

In winter, insulating materials and removable thermal liners are preferred. Of course, your mid-season jacket can do the trick for a 10-minute ride. But when you want to go all day or discover an unexplored place in the snow, it is better to equip yourself.

Manufacturers know this and regularly incorporate tightening tabs into jackets (elastic, zipped, etc.) to prevent air from passing through and ensure optimal comfort.

Choose a practical jacket

If your jacket has a connection loop to attach to the pants, you are part of the elite! (Eaglon offers this on its models, but keep it a secret…). More seriously, this buckle improves the comfort, the holding, and the ease of driving on your motorcycle. But of course, this is a matter of taste!

Protections and approvals

What is CE or PPE certification?

For a simple answer, remember that the CE approval certifies the authorization by the authorities to market a motorcycle jacket . This approval concerns all biker equipment: jacket, boots, glove, back protectors, etc.

If you want a more precise answer, know that CE approval meets European directive 2016-425 which lists personal protective equipment (PPE).

What is the difference between the certification levels?

To put it simply, there are two levels of certification :

Level 1, which corresponds to a device designed for minor hazards, which does not require testing in an independent laboratory.

Level 2, which corresponds to equipment made for significant hazards, while requiring testing in an independent laboratory.

The significant security advantage

If other road users can see you better thanks to your jacket, isn’t that reassuring? Note that manufacturers include reflective bands on jackets to ensure greater safety at night.

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